Fit Out Manager

Fit Out Manager

Carrowhugh recruitment is currently recruiting for a Fit Out / Finishing Manager to join a main contractor team and contribute to the completion of their prestigious site in East London worth over £75 million.

The Fit Out manager we are looking for must have trade background and at least 2 years' experience in a similar position with a main contractor, carpentry background and NVQ Level 6 in Construction management.

The fit out Manager is also required to have previously worked on residential projects to a similar scale, be hands-on, dynamic and keen to take every opportunity to fast-track your career.

Other Requirements

·Follow the fit-out sequence organising labour and materials to deliver in accordance with the fit-out programme.

·Resolve day to day issues on site in a timely, amicable and efficient manner to ensure the programme is maintained.

·Plan works accordingly to tie in line with the programme and drive labour force to work at maximum capacity while on-site.

·Coordinate works on a daily basis with the other site managers to ensure that programme is being adhered to, works take place efficiency and effectively, resources are shared and materials are ordered on time.

·You must advise the Project manager of any issues or risks which could potentially jeopardise the project, the programme or have cost implications. All reworks must be advised to the Project Manager and a clear statement explaining why the rework is required and who is responsible for causing the rework.

·Maintain programme and write to contractors and subcontractors when they are failing, always copying the Project Manager, Design Manager and Quantity Surveyor in all emails. It is your responsibility to ensure your subcontractor performs and continues to meet programme.

Materials management and coordination

·Ensure material & plant stock is sufficient going forward, this includes construction materials, welfare, H&S etc.

·Complete material take-offs in accordance with the fit-out programme. This includes dry-lining, carpentry, mechanical, electrical, sanitary ware, tiling & paint.

·Identify long lead in items, and place order accurately and on-time.

·When ordering materials, consult with your team members (peers) and try to order in bulk to ensure the buying department can buy efficiently.

·Manage the subcontractors time effectively knowing when and where materials are needed. Assign landing areas for materials for the sub-contractors and ensure that the landing areas are kept clean and tidy. Landing areas must have an agreed land to clear time so that the sub-contractors are aware when the landing area must be freed up for the next subcontractors materials. Coordinate with fellow managers to ensure landing times and clearing time are agreed.

Subcontractors management

·Coordinate relevant subcontractors on a daily basis to ensure that they complete based on the fit-out programme. Allocate the work correctly and efficiently, ensure the areas / common area which you assign subcontractors possession on site are signed for, record the date and the duration permitted.

·Where relevant, review subcontractor contracts to ensure they meet the requirements of their appointment in Part 1 and Part 2. Ensure subcontractors have a manger who is competent and who understands the drawings and specification.

·Inspect the works of the subcontractors on a daily basis and ensure that all works are been carried out in accordance with the employer's requirements (ER's), specifications, NHBC, Building Regulations, consultant drawings and all other requirements. Incorrect works must be stopped immediately and corrected to ensure that ACL materials / programme loss are minimised.

·Be familiar with 4 Projects and use 4 Projects to reference the most up to date drawings, to issue drawings to your sub-contractors, to mark up drawings which issues have arisen for the Design Manager.

Site meetings

·Attend site meetings when required and organise formal meetings with the subcontractors, your peers, engineers on a weekly basis to ensure works are programmed appropriately and in line with the overall site wide programme.

·Be prepared for weekly progress meetings with the Project Manager updating the programme accordingly and have a list of issues, actions and solutions for review.

Health and safety

·Organise works in accordance with all Health and Safety guidelines

·Manage housekeeping and all H&S aspects on a daily basis. Maintain a safe and clean site, flats, communal areas. Do not allow rubbish to accumulate.

·Induct your sub-contractor staff as required and ensure that they have all the required certification, PPE gear, tools and equipment to carry out their works safely. Ensure that your sub-contractors have the correct permits to work, use equipment, etc.It is your responsibility to follow up to ensure the correct method statements, risk assessments, safe starts and any other safety documentation is in place before works commence daily. It is also your responsibility to monitor their works on a continual basis.

·Ensure that tool box talks and task briefs are carried out. You will regularly give tool box talks on issues which you find as unsafe practices or poor workmanship to your staff / subcontractors.

·Where safety alerts are issued by the client or relevant authorities, you will advise your subcontractors / staff and provide the necessary info / tool box talks necessary.

·Produce project specific method statements and risk assessments and ensure compliance for your staff, sub-contractors, etc.

Quality Management

·Write and maintain accurate QA sheets and daily inspection sheets.

·Check the skills of the labour / tradespeople to ensure quality workmanship and sign off on the works prior to the subcontractor leaving site.

·Ensure that work is built in accordance with the latest specs and construction issue drawings.

·Snag units on a daily basis and issue snag & QA sheets to the relevant subcontractor on a daily basis.

·Ensure you inspect and sign off works before they are protected by subbies and photograph any damages, emailing the subcontractor highlighting the damage.

·Photograph all works as required to meet with ACL requirements, NHBC building control and the QA system. Fire stopping is a key element which must be properly managed, monitored and signed off. All fire stopping must be photographed and filed in the relevant QA folder. All QA forms must be up to date and located on the server within an agreed folder. You must also hold the original copy filed at your desk. All QA sheets must be signed and dated.


·Ensure you use / update (where required) systems used on site

What's on offer for the Fit Out Manager Residential

The company are willing to offer close £75,000 for the person who has the right experience.
If you wish to discuss further please do not hesitate to contact me.


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